Lessons from Covid

From primary care to secondary care in Wales - webinar 15 September 2020

The pandemic situation required the healthcare system to adapt and innovate at an unprecedented pace, and in this webinar our speakers share examples of adaptations from across Primary Care in Wales.

Prof Stephen Bain, Assistant Medical Director for Research & Development ABM University Health Board and Clinical Lead, discusses the use of technology to support people with diabetes during the crisis, and reflects on what went well in practice, what was missing and his hopes for the future.

We also hear from Dr Sarah Davies, a GP partner with a special interest in diabetes and the Clinical Director for Diabetes in Primary Care for Cardiff and Vale UBH,

The third speaker is Julie Lewis, Primary Care Nurse Consultant, former Clinical Lead for Diabetes at Betsi Cadwalader UHB, Wales DSN lead representative at the diabetes National Specialist Advisory Group (NSAG) and collaborative creator of the Welsh Academy for Nursing in Diabetes (WAND).