MSc Diabetes Practice

The MSc Diabetes Practice programme at Swansea University Medical School has been specifically designed for Health Care Professionals (HCPs), particularly current or future Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNs), who wish to specialise in the field of diabetes. It provides advanced knowledge, clinical skills and experience, and aims to combat the decreasing numbers of DSNs highlighted by the Diabetes UK DSN Workforce Survey 2016.

This unique programme is a modular distance learning course, offering HCPs the opportunity to graduate with a MSc Diabetes Practice degree studying full or part time.  Exit qualifications are also available at Postgraduate (PG) Diploma and PG Certificate level.  

The curriculum is multidisciplinary in nature, reflecting the integrated management processes within diabetes. The course not only includes specialised training, diagnostic and assessment-based knowledge, but also encompasses personal and professional development, reflective practice and problem-based learning. It has been  designed by members of the multidisciplinary diabetes team including DSNs, diabetologists, pharmacists, dietitians and psychologists. The clinical lead for the programme is Prof Stephen Bain with Dr Rebecca Thomas and Dr Sarah Prior as the programme directors.

The course contains a unique residential element, where Modules 2 and 5 include a 5-day residential period that explore the practical side of diabetes management. These hands-on training sessions look in detail at the modern therapies and technologies that are increasingly being used in treatment strategies.