Paediatric Diabetes Grants Awarded



  • Project Title: “Ustekinumab in adolescents with recent-onset type 1 diabetes (USTEKID).”
    Co-Applicants: Dayan C, Gregory JW, Waldron-Lynch F, Tree T, Fegan G, Hutchings H, Luzio S, Marwaha A
    Funding Scheme: NIHR EME
    Funding Awarded: £1,769,328  




  • Project Title: “Pregnancy outcomes in women diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus in childhood: a national population-based study.”
    Co-Applicants: Phillips L, Dayan C, Cannings-John R, Gregory JW
    Funding Scheme: Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
    Funding Awarded: £9,089 




  • Project title: “Investigating the prodrome of Type 1 diabetes in childhood using SAIL and Brecon Group data to reduce ketoacidosis at presentation.”
    Co-Applicants: Townson J, Lowes L, Francis N, Cannings-John R, Thayer D, Gregory JW
    Funding Scheme: NovoNordisk Foundation
    Funding Awarded: £12,000 
  • Project Title: “Phenotyping the Brecon Cohort of childhood-onset Type 1 Diabetes to identify those at risk of adverse long-term outcomes who may in future merit immunotherapeutic intervention at diagnosis: a feasibility study.”
    Co-Applicants: Gregory JW, Dayan C, Wong FS
    Funding Scheme: Wellcome Trust ISSF Populations Pilot
    Funding Awarded: £30,000